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The thoughts are very important to understand the state of nature . The thoughts
critize state of nature somewhere ,and we will mention below that ‘ How should state
of nature be ? Why do people obliged to obey government ? Why do people
obliged to obey laws ? Is the state effective or is not effective in the human life ? We
will answer these quuestions.

According to the famous British philosopher Thomas Hobbes , before the formation of
the state ‘ in the life period ‘ , there was a war, a fight or a strife. Briefly, people were
deluded during this period of human by other people , and people were fighting each
other. It could not be progress because of this situation . The people who are get
bored from chaos , made a contract between each other to provide peace and order.
People gave up to Leviathan (state) themselves with this contract. According to
Hobbes, state had born from made contract between people to provide peace and
order. Leviathan’s only duty was to order. Hobbes’s state of nature is not Libertarian,
is authoritarian because of that.

According to the British philosopher John Locke , before the showen up state, there
was freedom and peace between people . The people had a happy life. However, the
problems showed up at the punishment of guilties in the natural life period. As a rule,
there was no instituation to punish offenders. People made a contract to annihilate
the drawback , and gave up from the rights of punishment. People passed from
natural community to political community with this contract. Briefly, made contract for
the rights of punishment of people had precondition in the resource of state.

According to the famous Genevan philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau , there was
equality, peace and happiness between people in the natural life , but people started
to study for to fulfil their increased needs. Private property showed up because of
agricultural events and mining. Equaliity broken down between people with to
showen up private property. Fight and strife took instead of peace and happiness
with broken down equality. People made a social contract for to find again the
emotion of faith. People constituted a collective creature as a social committee ; this
creature is ‘state’ . In his opinion, composed will with this social contract is called ‘
general will ‘ .To sum up, we can show the thinkers’ thoughts in that.


Natural Life: There is a war.
Subject of Contract: Gave up to freedom to state
Undertaking of State: Provide faith and order
State of Nature:


Natural Life: There are peace and freedom.
Subject of Contract:
Gave up to rights of punishment to state.
Undertaking of State: Realise the justice to punisment guilties.
State of Nature:


Natural Life: There are peace and equality.

As a result, the thoughts is influenced from each other or they had influenced each
other. All of them commented different to state of nature . I mentioned above that
there were differences between all of them ,and I reunited everything in the table. In
conclusion, the table is explaining their state of nature.


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