The issue of whether democracy is an effective form of government is a controversial one. Democracy is a system of government based on self-government by the people. The government is elected by the people in a democratic state. All people’s votes are equal and people change the government if they want. Men who were free in ancient times could vote. Slaves and women could not vote. Almost all people claim that the democratic system is better than other systems. However, other people disagree with this. These people say that democracy is a bad system of government.

My claim is that democracy is the best system of government of all systems of government. Although democracy is good, it is not the best possible system. It is just the best of the worst and the best system there is. For instance, Winston Churchill once said that: “democracy is the worst form of government – except for all the others that have been tried.”. I believe that democracy is not perfect because, in my view, the majority is not always right, and the majority oppresses the minority. Democracy does not hear the voice of the minority, but maybe that minority will have the right idea and be beneficial to society.

Socrates gives an example of this: One day he asks his disciple Ademantus:
“If you wanted to make a voyage by sea, how would you like it to be decided who will be in control of the ship? Randomly and by any group of people on board, or by people experienced, knowledgeable, and trained in sea voyages?”
Ademantus’ answer is clear:
“Of course the second!”
Socrates’ answer makes sense:
“Our country is this ship. So how can we say that all the random people in a country are equipped to decide who should run our country?”

The second reason is that democracy has bad consequences in an ignorant society. An illiterate society choosing its ruler is like an illiterate person choosing a book. The minister chosen by an ignorant society will not benefit society. Democracy equates the knowledgeable with the ignorant.

To sum up, democracy considers people equal, but people need to be evaluated. In an election that will determine the future of your country, 51% of votes can be the victory of those who want to harm your country. In fact, this democracy may turn into demagogy in the future. And voters will deceive you to gain votes from you. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner.

Yasir Güneş


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