-According to Realism, Liberalism, Constructivism, and Marxism approach-

According to the Realist theory that the only way to win in an international environment where continuity of anarchy and insecurity, trust is to go to the power and capacity increases. Analysis unit of the state as they take rational and holistic (unitary) move from the assumption that the structures be realists, as the only actor to have the opportunity and ability to increase national power in view of the nation-state. They are often referred to as “national security” via rhetoric only takes into consideration the security of the nation-state.

Realist paradigm, the state-axis is to build a security perspective. Society with emphasis on national security and the safety of the individual is subordinate to state security.

According to the realists, the only real prevailing in the international arena is the power factor. The strong would prevail and have influence. Thus, reigns a constant power struggle in the international arena.

States continuously try to gaining strength and leave the powerless opposite power. The result of this effort, the only order to maintain international peace “balance of power” arises.


Liberalism sees the state as the main actor in the promotion and protection of the individual’s safety and freedom. According to liberalism, thoughts and perceptions can be changed. Thus, cooperation and consensus can frame among states.

Liberalists reveal a collaborative approach to security which international relations “must wins” is the assumption. Actors suggest that they will gain if they turn to the parties’ cooperation. Because liberalism, competition and conflict, not the bad faith of the government or the anarchic structure of the international system, suggests that due to the misperceptions. In this context, for the establishment of peace and conflict resolution, Realism suggests the establishment of international legal norms.

Liberalism, with the establishment of international law and norms is argued that collective security is provided. In this regard, attaches a special role to institutionalization said would provide the international order of international institutions. International law, bringing an anarchic society will create a collective security arrangement for world peace.


Constructivist theorist on the states’ preferred identity, ideals, is trying to make sense of various social phenomena such as norms. Identity, gender, ethnicity, ideals, norms, social phenomena can play an important role in this process of building such a culture is so important in world politics. According to the constructionist approach in the international environment will look first for the possibility of conflict or cooperation between the two actors, the concept of “identity is.”

According to the constructivist school, the state was built originally as a basic factor that determines the style of social movements of the actors in the international arena, and the element can be changed which is identity.


According to the Marxist theory, peace can be realized in a classless society of social justice and economic equality can be achieved. Labor and laboring classes will be improved the result of the resistance with transnational organization, and they will removed from the global capitalist system. Thus, the world peace and international justice will be provided.

The beat of the bourgeoisie, the working class can be achieved at the national level based on social justice and economic equality, peace. The socialist revolution will spread with the transnational organization of the working class to handle the global capitalism, will be able to ensure world peace. In this regard, According to Marxist theory, the elimination of capitalism will be a solution to the war and the conflict.


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