The French was there hundreds years and they settled there. They military they controlled but spiritually they could not. Algiers rebelled because of that. The method of the FLN organization is gerilla and cell secret system. Boom civilian in the both side that kind of terrorist attitude. When the police officer asked to Ben Mi Hi “why you use the basket to boom in the street?” He said Im ready to change baskets with your helicopter. In the dialogue we understand that the FLN use very soft weapons against French heavy weapons and Ben Mi Hi justify their attacks in this sence. When the state use weapons or bombs there is no problem but when the others use weapons for their rights like in this event, we called that terrorism. Like we can think what the Israel to do Palestinian. Is it not terrorism ? it nowadays called state terror.

     Algeria was the last country in getting independence in the middle east. French mass murdered there 1.5 million civilian and that recognized by UN but French refused it. Several dimension are important that colonial repression( this is the beginning, the most important and it was a 4th degree colonial rule that can be) by French authorities. It include genocide, killing civilian, state terror, tortures… emergence of the FLN the national liberation front that they also used these method we can say by gerilla tactics or terror campaign against the French state. So there were a cycle of violence in that events. it was a battle of mental resistance. Algeria 1962 got independent. Ali la Paund asked how we will win this struggle? To Ben Mi Hi and his answer was interesting that he said “we will win at some point but the real struggle will came after that.”  Getting independence is important but after that the state have several problems, one of them is who will rule this state. All world excepted from this state democratic election but as we see people did not know anything about democracy. All they had seen was French colonial rule under depression. The independence was very costly for them they lost their relatives, homes, families… if you empathize with them holding democratic election is problematic because may be the elected one will be a whom those work for French.  So after independence FLN led authoritarian political system established(one part dictatorship). They don’t want to gave power those did not help to them against French that who did not pay the cost.  Two issues are also problematic that one of them is socio-economic devastation that the country they have is devastated one like the experience of the mass genocide. So  white French people migrated  by force from Algeria that were the most wealthy ones, well educated ones. So after that the problem of educated people started in country. And because of these problem the country have bad relation not only with France but also wit western countries.  FLN expected compensation billions from French nut still cant get it. Some French government tried to relate with FLN about it but other wester countries prevented them because if French will pay all of them who had colonies in the past had to pay compensations. Then later independence 1990s the civilian rebelled against the FLN but they repressed the citizen like Frenchs did. So we can say terrorism brings more terrorism. Like Jewish people in Israel now.    

Rüstem Kamenov

Rüstem Kamenov

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