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Protectionism has been spreading day by day in the world. Protectionism is that preserve local values as culture, economy, and politics in the response of globalization.

The protectionist policy is used to preserve their values as tools and the number of protectionist countries has been increasing. Then, we see that the United States of America applies this policy to protect their both economic and cultural values, especially in Trump’s tenure. That is why these attitudes of America threat the world.

So, the world becoming more fragile and aggressive and also protectionist policies trigger nationalism and localization. These circumstances make difficulties to live as peaceful in the world. In addition, as a result of protectionism, either ethnic or religious identities are brought into the front and various patterns are ignored. In the aspect of the economy, although protectionism is trying to reduce exporting, the aim of protectionist policy encourages importing.

On the other hand, globalization is standing against protectionism and it is the chance for the developing countries. To become more globalized, countries should follow open society and peaceful policy to set up social peace. Also, globalization increases the value of democratic institutions. On the contrary, if countries not ready to apply these policies, globalization may be seen is the threat in the eyes of these countries. Moreover, protectionist policies create enemies within the country along with foreign enemies. Consequently, protectionist policies to become the reason for centralized policies due to rejecting globalization.

Finally, when countries exaggerate protectionist policy to protect their local values as named culture, religion, and identity, countries not taking advantage of globalization benefits. In conclusion, these situations threat democratic development.

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