This article focuses on the between of Carr and Morgenthau about power. In these article firstly you found some information about Carr and his power thinking. On the other hand I want to give you some information about Morgenthau and his power thinking. Before I finished article, I will talk about differences between two philosophers.

This article is recommended for the students of the international relations and all who interested in this branch.

Being one of the essential paradigm of the international relations science realism play the role of the basis for important theories of the concepts. Before the First World War the most effective doctrine is idealism. Appeared realism with Carr as opposite of idealism.  According to E.H.Carr the science of international relations should be increased. For this rise the main point of the international relations should be “Power”. In his important book “An Introduction to the Study of International Relations” he talk about “Anglo-Saxon’s State and power factor”. I will not talk about Carr’s policy now. In comparison section, I will give comparing with Morgenthau.

Another thinker; the founder of the basic point of Realism Morgenthau. According to Morgenthau in the international area only reality is “power factor”. Strongest would prevail. On account of this always in the international area there is power struggle. States want to gain power without stopping and they reduce the state against the powerless. For him there three basic points: preserve power, to increase the power, to demonstrate the power.

In the third part I want to give you some information about differences between Carr and Morgenthau and their concept of power. In the interwar period realism has been revived with E. H. Carr. After II. World War with Hans Morgenthau’s work realism had its heyday. If we come to compare; according to Morgenthau in the power struggle basic point military power, but Carr think opposite of Morgenthau because, for him military force is a last resort. Similarly Carr says there are no ethical dimensions between states Morgenthau says there are local ethical dimensions. In Morgenthau’s opinion there are material elements next to power. (Geography, natural resources, industry) but Carr does not mention it. For Carr policy is not a function of moral, moral is a function of policy. Besides that Morgenthau mentions the importance of moral in political action.

In conclusion Carr and Morgenthau lay a foundation the realism theory. There are a lot of similarities between Morgenthau and Carr. Although both of them are realist but they have some differences ideas. Nevertheless they determined concept of power and they use power as goals and tools.

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