After realism and liberalism, new forms “neo-realism and neo-liberalism” appeared. These forms are started to use in the articles by some thinkers. There are a lot of differences between this new forms. In this article I want to give some information about differences between neo-realism and neo-liberalism.

When faced neorealism and neoliberalism is possible to catch some similarities. However if we look at the details there are some differences. Both of them identify international system anarchist structural but they both commented on the different anarchy. According to neoliberalists in economy basic points are strong earnings and common interests, but for neorealist relative gains is important. Military power is important for them but priority is different. The main idea neoliberalists economic power important than military power.

There are differences and similarities’ between neoliberalism and neorealism from the viewpoint of international relations. For neoliberalists war is not suitable, but it is basic feature of international relations. According to neoliberalists, international organizations are important for peace but for neorealist theory the main tools of peace is state. However neorealist defend cooperation and peace but for neorealist clash at the forefront. In other words, importance of state is received by neoliberalists like the neorealists, but they defeat the being hard of cooperation.

In addition, for the neorealist’s ideas, there is a relative earning, on the other hand, neoliberalists were planning to increase the most highest level to maximum earning in the absolute and general earning. Neorealists said that states refer anarchy because their political dissidents are more gain than them, but for neoliberalists, states do not look earnings of other states, only they try to increase their own earnings.
To sum up, neorealists and neoliberalists have difference or similar ideas. Some scientists had written a lot of articles about this subject. Especially, Kenneth Waltz is given as a good example to this subject. For neoliberalists, such as; Michael W. Doyle, Joseph Nye, Robert Keohone etc.. are given as some examples.


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