Edward Said and Noam Chomsky wrote article about Samuel Huntington’s essay ‘the clash of civilization’. The questions are that what is the differences between Said and Chomsky? And what is the same think that in their thesises.   They said same thing that they argued that there is no the clash of civilization but their thesis is a little bit different. Said argued that there is the clash of West and Islam. Chomsky argued that there is not only the clash West and Islam but also the clash of powerful (USA) and weakness(all of other sides).

After the communism collapse in Russia and end of the Cold war, in accordance with the West thinkers such as Huntington argued that the war ended and West won in this war but there will be new war in the future. This war will be cultural and will be between six or seven civilization. He called this war The Clash of Civilization.  Edward Said against the Huntington’s think that the clash of civilization. According to Said, there will be clash of West and Islam because of the west gained a victory against communism theory but Islam is huge and radical power against the West. Huntington wanted to say that we will have war that against the Islam. Edward thought that all the West thinkers such as Bernard Lewis, Fukuyama, Huntington thought that the West is the most powerful and all the against civilization especially Islam should wipe out. However, E. Said argued that all civilization arose in relation with each other.

Noam Chomsky argued that also Huntington was not right.  There will be not the clash of civilization, there will be again the clash of powerful west and the others that they can be Catholics, they can be communist, they can be Muslims, they can be anything else. He also argued that they want to develop their army. Thus, they need some pretexts that are such as Cold War, terrorism of Islam and so on. Chomsky’s examples are that if the US wanted to invade South Vietnam and wipe out Indo-Chine, that was because of the Cold War. They want to controlled Iraq’s territory because of Saddam Huseyn and their army invade Kuwait (before this happened Saddam was the best friend of American but Saudi Arabia want to help and Saudi Arabia had more oil than Iraq.). If we look over the history of these events, the pretext had nothing to do with the reason. The reason is always based on domestic power. Chomsky said that it’s defence against the other sides.

Noam Chomsky and Edward Said argued that it is/ will be a war but it is not the clash of civilization, it is the war of West and Islam or other sides. Huntington approached no objectively their side is West (USA). Differences between Said and Chomsky that Said thought that the clash of West and Islam. Chomsky thought that the clash of West (powerful USA) and the other sides that includes Communism, Islam, Catholics and so on.

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