Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye analysed how international politics is transformed by interdependency, based on how conflicts are reduced and peace can be kept. When we look at democratic peace theory and interdependence theory it could be said that interdependence theory reduces conflicts and possibility of war more than democratic peace theory. Because “Liberalism based on interdependency” that provide peace and stability due to concepts of cooperation, absolute gain, mutual interest within the logic of win win.

To explain clearly, according to interdependence theory, states have self-interests therefore states have consoludated their relations by tradind each other. The way states do not desire failing of their relations as long as they win and with this route possibilities of conflicts and war will be able to be reduced. Indeed, states are trading actors in essential.

In addition, interdependence theory attempts to describe the social exchange componenets of personal relationships. It states that human relationships are (human nature is not bad essentially) basically cost versus reward senario with individuals trying to minimize costs and increase the benefits within the relationship.

Therefore, interdependence theory include that logic of win win, cooperation (it is important for keeping peace), absolute gain, mutual interests and integration. İt could be said that these concepts serve keeping peace and increasing the possibility of relations among states within the interdependence theory. At the same time trades help to provide international peace. The relations among states can increse by tradind and according to interdependence theory states have absolute gain by trading. Namely according to absolute gain aproach, both sides have mutual interests. Morever the cooperationn and integration also serve to reduce conflicts and war due to close relations among states.

Consequently, it could be said that every states desire for gaining their interests. Interdependence theory  also makes these argumants more stronger. As an illustration, it needs to say Europen Union is a conveinent and adequate example for these argumants so as to meeting cooperation and integration conditions.


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