Violence is that a collection of individual or collective actions, causes damage to people and society because of power and pressure . we are going to mention about the term of political and revolutionary violence.

Political violence ; against individuals and groups are tending of violence.Revolutionary violence is violence that ; ‘ not tend to civilian people ‘ generally using against imperialism and oligarchy or supporting people them. The nearest example of political violence is the Jasmine Revolution in Egypt.Hüsnü Mübarek forced to resign because of stability of protesters and beliefs in revolution . On the other hand , the most important example of revolutionary violence is recently Gezi Park in Turkey ,but the revolutionary violence failed by the wayside because of other reasons .

Historical bloc is keeping together intellectuals ,worker groups , low classes and high classes against totalitarian and authoritarian regimes . According to Gramsci’s historical bloc, all social groups will keep together , and they will change new-brutal regime .

Fanon said about using violence that ‘it is used violence only way to get rid of pressure.Also according to Antonio Gramsci, people should use power and the term of politcal violence against imperialism .Before that , it has already used both of psychological and physical violence . There are some examples in our country about this subject. People can find the best example in Yeryüzünün Lanetleri ( Cahit Koytak ) Gramsci generally have written opportunities reading styles about political theory.These are Romence and it includes Spaniards ,Italians ,French and Anglo-Saxon . According to these , Antonio’s thought is Latin’s thought.Gramsci is extremely Marxist.He is put in prison by 1930 ,and he put 28years at prison.He predicates political theory on his own boks.He has some deadlocks. For examples ; his writing is usually how to create the society , and has detailed analysis about the society , He is freedom man ,but he did not see Stalin and Lenin’s massacre and sardidness because he is at prison those days.His ideal state thought is the Russian Revolution at prison.

He wrote the boks at prison . His prison notebook and Said Nursi’s tracts can compared by people because both of them had written from prison.Gramsci distinguish two section the intellectuals.One of them is organic intellectual and the other one is traditional intellectual.Traditional intellectuals have a different definition and said that ‘ not any group or any authority’s controlling ,that is to say he brought a new definition for intellectuals.

As a result , Antonio Gramsci and Fanon is very important author because their books include important information .We can add Said Nursi without them. Especcially Antonio predicate political theory on ,so he only used violence in politics . I think , if he was not at prison , he had done better things .


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