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People are being who can transfer their inner world, their experiences, feelings and thoughts to the outside world and can be reflected. This transfer can be in more than one way, different from each other. These feelings and thoughts lead to behaviours that contain traces of that inner world of the human being, sometimes noticeable and sometimes not. These behaviours play an important role in getting to know people. Because behaviours are the most concrete examples that we can see, talk about and comment on when getting to know people. Behaviours are reflections of feelings and thoughts, they originated from them and they are results.


The most obvious factor that introduces a person to the outside world, enables him to be recognized and noticed, is his behaviour, but the behaviour is not the only factor. Many factors such as the characteristics that a person has from the moment of his birth, the habits he can not change, the geography where he grew up and the family environment, besides the ability to make observations that we need when we try to get to know the person, are effective in shaping the emotions and thoughts of the person. Behaviour is the first, most obvious, most tangible layer that can be observed, and the outermost layer that will minimally cause different interpretations to be changed or evaluated.


Emotion is an element that takes place in thought and can determine it, while thought is an element in behaviour and affects it. If we consider these three concepts as a chain from the most abstract and the most difficult to define, these layers appear intertwined and interconnected. The reflection of the emotion in the person to the thought and then the transition to the behaviour dimension shows the cycle that exists in this chain. While emotion transfer or thought transfer (sharing) are expressions we hear a lot, we can not say the same for behaviour. On the other side, we mentioned the fact that they are interconnected, influencing and influenced by each other. The difference between these three layers which are located in different places on the same ring is revealed when it is reduced to real life.


The clearest and health information transfer to the person in front of us occurs in the behaviour where the reflection of the personality is seen with all its clarity. While the origin of behaviour is based on emotion, emotion goes back to childhood, infancy. That’s why emotions first, then the ability to think, and finally behaviour (as a form) develop in humans. In the light of all this information, when looking for the reasons underlying any good or bad behaviour of a person, examining his World of feelings and thoughts and accordingly his environment, the environment he lives in and his relations with people will lead us to healthy results.


Furkan Karademir




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